Andrew Goat alpaca lining
Andrew Goat alpaca lining
Andrew Goat alpaca lining
Andrew Goat alpaca lining

Andrew Goat alpaca lining


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Recognized artisanal know-how since 2007

Recognized artisanal know-how since 2007

Listed in the Inventory of Rare Crafts (UNESCO)

Listed in the Inventory of Rare Crafts (UNESCO)

Free delivery for orders over 100€.

Free delivery for France* orders' over 100€.

An Upcycling collection to discover

An Upcycling collection to discover


Andrew's success comes from its warmth, with lambskin and an Alpaca cuff that insulate against the cold and drafts, as well as its extremely soft and warming rabbit lining. With it, you will no longer need to choose between a sporty style or an elegant style, it combines the two perfectly.

The designer's opinion

Andrew is an ideal glove to offer or to afford, it is a transgenerational model, it is suitable for young men who appreciate its warmth and its slightly more sporty look as well as for more mature men who go for it. appreciated for its comfort and insulating properties. Indeed, it can be worn with coats or short down jackets but also with more classic coats.


After each use, stretch the leather in the direction of your fingers before storing it in its fabric pouch.
To shine your gloves, put on a glove and gently stroke the leather with the palm of your clean hand.
If a stain occurs, stretch your glove widthwise to pull the stain out of the skin and stroke the stained area with your clean thumb.
For fatty stains, good results are obtained with Terre de Sommière. For stubborn stains, take your glove to a leather cleaning specialist.

For more information, see our page on care tips.

  • Collection : Classics
  • Lining : Alpaca
  • Lenght : Short
  • Lining composition : 100% alpaga
  • Exterior composition : 100% goat leather

Agnelle, an intact commitment


The Agnelle ateliers were founded in 1937 in Saint-Junien, France’s “City of the Leather Glove”. The same craftsmanship continues to this day there, inscribing and galvanizing the Agnelle name in its time. For three generations, three visionary and determined women have transmitted the same savoir-faire for the production of the world’s most beautiful glove collections.

Agnelle remains to this day a discreet partner to the greatest fashion labels. In 2006, Agnelle was recognized as a “Living Heritage Enterprise”, and since 2011, Agnelle is registered in UNESCO’s “Métiers d’Arts Rares.”

Discover the collection

discover the manufacturing process

Today, Agnelle, a family business, continues to advocate delicate, infinitely precise work, the slow pace of which is a sign of unfailing quality.

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