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Hygie Nude tactile non doublé

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To combine protection and elegance 

"Gloves, along with masks, are now essential elements of protection for men and women around the world. The Wall Street Journal - 22/04/2020.

Bringing back the basic rules of protection that should probably never have been forgotten, Agnelle has developed this essential deconfinement accessory: the Hygie glove. A summer glove designed to help rethink new barrier gestures. Without losing its sense of fashion!

At Agnelle, a family business, we have been making quality gloves in Saint-Junien in Haute-Vienne since 1937. In the heart of the French glove-making capital, where the tradition goes back to the 11th century. In addition to its own brand, Agnelle's client list has long included the most solid names in fashion and luxury: Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Ralph Lauren, Marine Serre, etc.

But today the urgency is elsewhere. An ultralight, comfortable and protective glove, designed in black or flesh-coloured sheathing technical jersey, Hygie revives the tradition of everyday gloves. The ones that make such beautiful hands and without which our ancestors would never have imagined going out, simply out of common sense in the face of daily aggressions. A tradition that is still alive in Japan, for example, in the same way as the wearing of masks for the sick or a certain distancing in daily life... Extreme politeness, coupled with impeccable elegance!

Fashionable, right down to the fingertips

Soft, comfortable and supple, the glove enriches everyone's gestures. But Hygie is also adapted to the 21st century: thanks to its tactile leather patches on the palmar extremities of two fingers (the thumb and the index finger), it allows the use of all touch screens (dispensers, card readers, telephones, tablets, etc.) without having to remove them. Referring to a Greek goddess, symbol of preventive medicine, Hygie is the daughter of Asclepius, god of medicine, and Epione, goddess of cleanliness and hygiene. In the image of this new kind of glove, Hygie represents preserved health

ADVICE FOR USE: A real reminder, this 'barrier' glove at least allows you to never forget that a risk of contagion is always possible. This is why it is best used outside the home or office. Washable daily at 30°C with a natural soap, the Hygie glove is kept on the hands during soaping and rinsing. It dries quickly in the open air, so never in the tumble dryer. 

Standard sizing for this model.

How to mesure your hand for choosing the right gloves ? In order to find out your size, men’s or women’s: take a cloth measuring tape and measure around the joints of your dominant hand as in the figure below. Do not tighten the tape. You will get a measurement in centimeters. You may then consult our table of sizes.

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