Wanda Nylon x Agnelle

Wanda Nylon is a Paris-based fashion brand inspired by water protection, fusing innovation, comfort and style. The label stands out for its expertise in soft qualitative plastics and gives a contemporary luxurious twist to classical rainwear, complemented with wardrobe staples. The silhouette is clean, condent and elegant.

The collection of gloves WANDA NYLON by AGNELLE merges exceptional know-how and new stand-out French fashion creativity, 70 craftsmanship innovation and avant-garde style.

Wanda Nylon

WANDA NYLON is a fashion concept that is not inspired by water and rain, associated aesthetics with functionality and comfort. Wanda Nylon distinguishes itself by the stylistic mastery of the use of quality soft plastics and by the first collections with retro-futuristic accents, drawing elegant contemporary silhouettes.