Guerlain x Agnelle

Born of Guerlain’s desire to return to its roots and its ultra-femininity, this fusion, as preciously elegant as it is playful, is embodied in two exceptional and voluptuous scented glove creations, "le Gant du Parfumeur" and "La Petite Robe Noire".The perfume house has innovated by stepping back in time and byrevisiting its archives.

In 1872, alongside Guerlain’s selection of perfumes and various cosmetics, tortoiseshell combs, fans and… scented gloves could be found – those were creations introduced in France by Catherine de Médicis in the XVIth century. King Louis XIII, in 1613, called glovemakers, “Master Glovers and Perfumers”.
And so Guerlain has chosen Agnelle. Directed since 1986 by Sophie Grégoire, the glovemaker Agnelle embracesfour generations of visionaries, a knowledge of leather and its unparalleledtransformations, and intense and lasting collaborations with couturiers and designers.

It is in Limousin, in the heart of the Colombier tannery – the leather supplier of Agnelle – where the raw hides are washed, wrung and nourished, that Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser has perfected aconfidential technique for scenting leather that is both respectful and tenacious.