Glove Manufacture

The Agnelle ateliers were founded in 1937 in Saint-Junien, France’s “City of the Leather Glove”. The same craftsmanship continues to this day there, inscribing and galvanizing the Agnelle name in its time. For three generations, three visionary and determined women have transmitted the same savoir-faire for the production of the world’s most beautiful glove collections.
Agnelle remains to this day a discreet partner to the greatest fashion labels. In 2006, Agnelle was recognized as a “Living Heritage Enterprise”, and since 2011, Agnelle is registered in UNESCO’s “Métiers d’Arts Rares.”

Sizing Guide


How to mesure your hand for choosing the right gloves ?
In order to find out your size, men’s or women’s: take a cloth measuring tape and measure around the joints of your dominant hand as in the figure below. Do not tighten the tape. You will get a measurement in centimeters. You may then consult our table of sizes.

Size Charts

Size in cm Women's Size
17.5 6.5
19 7
20 7.5
21.5 8
23 8.5
24 9
25.5 9.5
27 10



Size in cm Men's Size
20.3 7.5
21.6 8
23 8.5
24.3 9
25.7 9.5
27 10


Size in cm Child's Size
15 4
15.5 4,5
16 5
16.5 5.5
17.5 6
18 6.5
19 7




How to care for your glove ?

It is important to remember that a leather glove is a skin. It is a living material, and it is therefore necessary to treat it with the same care as your own skin with a few simple measures taken after each wear (and never use detergent).

Daily Maintenance

1. After each wear

Stretch the leather and straighten out the glove before placing it back in its pouch.

2. Make your leather shine

With clean hands, put on the glove and caress the
leather gently with the palm of your hand.

3. En cas de tache

Stretch your glove wide in order to work out the stain.
If this does not work, take your glove to a leather specialist.


We can make personalized gloves to order. French glovemaker Agnelle invites you to make an appointment in our shop. There you will be able to attach patches, delicately monogram your gloves with your initials, select your colors, and custom tailor your gloves.

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Repair my Gloves

An undone stitch, a torn lining, or even a lost glove! Do not hesitate to contact our atelier in Saint-Junien to answer your needs.

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